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All About BOGO Week


Let’s BOGO together…

A handful of times a year, doTERRA gifts us with a week of sales to help us build out our oil collections, to try new things, and to dig deeper into our oil practices. I always look forward to the oils they choose (it’s a surprise to us too!). Each day they pick a complementary pair of oils, and when you purchase the oil of the day, you get a different similar oil for free. For instance, Buy Lavender, get Peace free.

doTERRA is so generous to do this as it helps you to stock up on favorites, share oils with more people, and spoil yourself. If you don’t yet have an account, you can grab a membership by simply clicking this link, grabbing the $35 wholesale membership, and then you can choose each day if you’d like the daily deal. It also connects you to me, to 1:1 mentoring and education, and to the incredible community of empowered folks choosing their health as a priority. You can also complete this order form and I can help you get everything taken care of!

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to me at hellocozynook@gmail.com!

More details:

  • Each BOGO goes live/expires at midnight mst. So don’t delay! You cannot wait to check out at the end of the week. Make sure to check out each day to get the specials! (And don’t forget that you earn free product points back for your shipping, so it’s essentially free!)

  • If you already have a membership, make sure to order via your Loyalty Rewards Program template. You can add a secondary template (so you don’t disturb your original), and then just choose the oil on sale and process each day. Then, at the end of the week, you can just delete that second template and all of your accrued points will transfer over to your original template!